About EmberWorld

EmberWorld is an anthology of the world of Ember, created to help my Pathfinder gaming group learn about and prepare for their campaign world.

This is an experiment in presentation. It’s been a long time since I GM’d a campaign, so it’s almost like the first time for me and I’m bringing to bear the considerable experience I’ve accumulated in a variety of areas. First, I love to write, and I’ve written a few novels worth of stories and recaps around our various game worlds. The first thing you’ll notice as you delve through these pages is that there is a lot of material here.

Second, I’ve spent a great deal of time learning to create maps, and you’ll find a number of them here, especially as the campaign begins and progresses and I am able to add new ones to the portfolio.

Comments are welcome. Feel free to browse and borrow as you wish. Materials herein are subject to the creative common license.


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