Seles of the Lake


Thanos 1976

“All we all here?”
“For now. Best we can tell. Truly, I thought there would be more.”
“Fewer the better, I have decided.”
“You have decided?”
“Yes, I have decided. Not an arduous choice but one that comes freely to those that are open to listening what the gods have chosen for us.”
“And this you know? I can count eight gods that have been well received in Dunmar and if we pry just a bit deeper, perhaps a ninth as well. How can you think in just a few months we are to decide on one of the gods for us all, let alone the entire class?”
“We were put here to prepare for war. Narl is the only god that will take us there. Follow in the path of the Stormcrow or beg mercy of the Merciless.”
“No Karl, you only like Narl cause he rhymes with Karl.”
“If we’re to suffer this unbearable winter we will all need to sacrifice to the Fury of Paig’n. Without such devoutness we have little chance to survive.”
“Says the follower of the god of confusion.”
ﷲ “The Silvermoon will keep us warm, her through her soft and radiant flames.” ﷲ
“I thought you were going to say Ben’Tinnor so he could keep our balls from freezing through this unblessed winter.”
“If you will not follow the Stormcrow, this will be war!”
“Karl, you almost scratched that table with the sword you can barely lift. Please show us again how you wield such might.”
“You will do well to stay close to Thane, in the event you drop such a heavy weapon on your head.”
“And you’ll do well to realize all priests of Guydan are nothing to his pretty paladins!”
“My friends, this is clearly not what the gods wish to be awoken with. Such petty squabbling. This is new to all of us, embracing of gods so revered. Let us take this year and see who among us will be for following the gods we see as such beacons of guidance. And let us do this peacefully. We shall again convene in Staehr and hopefully each month after in an effort to hold peaceful discussions of our progress. Let us embrace peace.”

Ainin 1978

“This means war!”
“Says Karl of Narl as he again assaults our table.”
“I’ll not suffer such insolence!”
“It is only fair since we must suffer you with every passing season.”
“Guydan is of greatest numbers. It is only proper we should all follow him.”
“With his so perfect paladins. I hardly believe we’d be noticed.”
“Do not mock!”
“Boys, I find your use of weapons unnecessary when bringing sheep into your flock. Mother Ainnna needs no crude use of such to grow her numbers.”
“And I find your tactics to recruit those numbers unscrupulous. You let the boys steal kisses to follow you.”
“Perhaps your blind god should do the same. Good fortune may only be yours for so long, Eli.”
“My friends, good fortune has befallen all of us that have survived so long. Our numbers grow and we’ve been gifted by the gods to draw followers to them through us. Let us continue to spread our word peacefully. Fighting amongst ourselves will gain us no followers. Let us embrace peace.”

Paigos 1979

“This means war!”
“Karl, are you sure you’re not following Paig’n? Clearly this is your month and you do seem so powerfully confused.”
“Yes, mock my god and the elements as well. See where that gaff takes you as you beg for fire this winter.”
“My friends, if in this month of Paig’n we can recognize a god who is at peace holding inside him fire and water as well as power and chaos, then surely we can find such a peace amongst ourselves…surely? Can we perhaps, just perhaps, embrace peace?”

Guyin 1980

“This means war!”
“Yes, and we and the paladins of Guydan are honored that you wish to die fighting this war for us.”
“And yes, he’s mocking you Karl of Narl, for he has to since he’s too blinded to see past his shiny haired Young Master Gilroy.”
“Untemptingly resistant to a fault…that boy’s love is surely not for the Mother’s fairer creatures.”
“Again people, would it be complete mummery to embrace peace?”

Staehr 1981

“…and in the deepest cold the two gods of winter slept together and created warmth for all their people.”
“Aleana, you do your Mother Temptress proud.”
“Oh Seles, it’s your ears I find most difficult to resist. I desire to warm them so. The Mother will keep us in her favor should we join ourselves to her.”
“And I will be sure to speak your praises should I meet the Mother before you, but it will only be as I peacefully pass to Thane.”
“The Mother is not only one to kiss her followers into her fold. She’s also been known to f—”
“This means war!”
“Oh dear…”
“Fool am I to suppose everyone is someday going to embrace peace then.”

Gennos 1982

“Peace brothers.”
“With you as well.”
“Yes, it is a peaceful evening.”
“Brother Seles, was tonight not the night for you to represent us to the gathering of the High Calling?”
“Oh. Why yes, I think it was. Such a full day of such peacefulness, I will pray on what may have caused me to forget such.”
“Well, peace then.”
“And you, brother.”

18 Narlos 1983

“This means war!”
“Oh, let me look under just to be sure. Yes, it is certain. Karl of Narl and his greatsword, zero. Our fine oaken table, forty-nine.”
“Though we are all duly impressed with your banal performance.”
“Make jest as you will, but this is a clear sign our time has come and it will be the Stormcrow that leads us!”
“Leads us? Guydan leads us all. You simply swing your sword when and where you are told.”
“So claims a priest that follows his golden and favored paladin.”
“Gen’mara is our leader now. Our people must journey and Gen of the Wood will take us there. Those who doubt her guidance will surely die on such a path. You need not be the death of those who follow you.”
“I think we can trust in our blind god far before any you would wish us to follow.”
“Trust in Ainna, this will be a sign of love, not an omen.”
“You’re just hoping there’s something new to screw out there.”
“It will be the power of the gods that rules this day, but you are as lost as the Blind God’s followers.”
“Your god is an imbecile.”
“And yours is weak.”
“Perhaps you should put your words to a weapon, sir!”
“Let us embrace peace!”
“Seles and his mace, one. Our fine oak table, zero.”
“As the last gathering of our High Calling, you have displayed that you have learned nothing. You are all wise and your words have drawn our class to you, yet your insufferable stupidity has tested my strength through seven long winters. We have been at ends for no reason but to impress those that sleep. What are we to show the outside world once we finally arrive back there? And when the gods awake, what are they really to see but children acting as children?
“Your days until now have been in preparation. Your work begins today, more than those about us. Serve your people well. Those that follow and those that do not yet follow. And in serving them, lead them well. May your gods protect you.”


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