Zeph (Bellsulion Taurvantian)

The Dwarven curse goes “May you live in interesting times.” Sounds typical for a race of gas bags with short legs, wide axes and a propensity for causing interesting things to happen. Take the enigma that is Grimar Stoneward, after all these years the Dwarf is still barely able to keep his rage in check, ready to attack anything that moves real or imagined, but yet spends a good deal of time reading. If the next bush he attacks does contain an ogre then I’m sure the next phase of “Interesting Times” will begin rather I want it to or not.

Is it fate that causes the unforeseen or just close proximity to Dwarves?

Oh well where to start, at the beginning I guess.

My name is Bellsulion Taurvantian, loosely translates in common to Zephyr Walker, but just to make life a little less interesting I go by Zeph. It seems to cut down on the inevitable passing wind jokes.

I am an Elf but not you’re typical Elf, as I was born in the Human city of Arbordan. My Father is the head of the Elvin trade mission there so by Human standards my family is extremely wealthy. If Humans really understood Elven economics then they would realize we are very socialistic as a race, but only with other Elves, all other races must “Pay through the nose” as my Uncle would say.

My Uncle was my mentor during my childhood. He taught me our family history, the ways of the bow and opened the doors to the realm of the arcane. He always said real power comes from the control of the elements through the arcane. I can’t deny his logic, blasting a war party of Orcs, 200 strides away with lighting bolts is much less interesting than dodging scimitars at close range. It will be good to see my Uncle again.

Apparently my Father has spent too much time with the Humans. As the time of the choosing approached he did something very un-Elf like and offered me a choice. I could be sent back to my Elvin relatives for 50 or 60 years of training before starting my exploration of the arcane or take part in the choosing. Well here is how I and my big brain looked at it. It’s rare anyone gets “Chosen” and with a thousand or so children in this Choosing the odds are astronomical that I would receive the mark, so interrupting my uninteresting life by moving in with relatives or take part in the Choosing. Easy choice right Ha, I was WRONG!

Well the years since receiving the make have gone by fast. My time living with the Humans has paid off in some respects. They seem to understand I am not a pack mule or a sword slinger and have embraced my talent for the arcane. All in all it’s been more interesting than I like but the most real danger I’ve been in is slaying a vicious rabbit or two with my bow.The only other threat was the cold, A deep understanding of the elements combined with a considerable reserve of arcane energy kept me from freezing to death. It’s amazing how much everyone appreciates a little magic warmth when it below freezing and the snow is doing its best to imitate little frozen shurikens. I have friends.

Now with training complete and the strange portents in the sky we are all headed home. I look forward to getting back to my own study inside the nice warm wall of my family’s villa. I just wish that damn Dwarf would stay out of the bushes before something Interesting happens.


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