Ember – Common Lore

Ember is not like most Pathfinder worlds. It is a world of technology based on crystals containing energy, both primitive compared to what we know, but quite advanced compared to the typical quasi-medieval world that we’re accustomed to.

There exists a great crystal that fell from the sky thousands of years ago and now sits in the middle of a very large lake, far to the south. Energy from that crystal is “beamed” to large shards that exist in every city and town, and those to smaller ones and so on, until nearly everyone in the Federation of Orandell has all of the energy they can possibly use. And use it they do, for defense, protection, transportation, tools, etc. It is their electricity, though their understanding of it is not as sophisticated. Crystals that are not constantly recharged from a connection to the “core” will eventually lose their power, especially if used.

Orandell is led by the Council of Nine. The Nine Councilors are each lords of their particular city-state. It has always been this way, or so it seems, and most folks are happy with it. Allan Terth is the Councilor of Arbordan and well-loved. The cities and towns are safe havens in an otherwise dangerous world. Few venture beyond the safety of the walls without crystal-powered weapons.  Ironically, the shield walls make the cities and towns so safe, the countryside has become fairly wild for lack of tending, except where dwarves or elves hold sway and in the fields around the cities.

Town and villages that lack sufficient power from their “home stone” to support a shield wall have high stone walls instead. Bolt guns supplement their defenses. A dozen men with bolt guns could kill the greatest beast, if it was stupid enough to attack a village.

As you will read elsewhere, religion is technically illegal because of ancient wars that occurred between those of divergent beliefs. In the cities, those who profess any faith in the Gods are banished. Of course, in the town of Dunmar, the opposite is true. Although religion is not an absolute requirement, your instructors will push you hard to embrace the Gods, and will punish you for disrespecting them or blaspheming. The Gods of Ember are a set few with no others available. You will all know this much about each of the Gods of Light:

Ainna, aka Mother Ainna, the Temptress

Goddess of fertility, farmers, merchants and moneylenders. Goddess of Love.

Domains: Charm; Community; Good; Love; Plant; Trade

Alignment: NG

Weapon: Unarmed Strike

Asher, aka Asher the Wanderer, the Blind God, the Marksman

God of travelers, adventurers, the lost, archers and gamblers

Domains: Exploration; Fate; Glory; Liberation; Luck; Travel

Alignment: CG

Weapon: Longbow

Gen’mara, aka Gen of the Wood, the Huntress

Goddess of outdoorsmen, naturalists, fugitives and hunters.

Domains: Animal; Earth; Plant; Seasons; Weather; Wolf

Alignment: CN

Weapon: Sling

Guydan, aka Guydan Stormbringer, Guydan the Vengeful, the All Father

God of warriors, keepers of the peace and justice. The Sun god.

Domains: Artifice, Honor, Law, Nobility, Protection, Sun

Alignment: LG

Weapon: Longsword

Paig’n, aka Fury; aka Oroca;

God of the elements, druids, sorcerers, chaos and power

Domains: Air, Chaos, Earth, Fire, Storms, Water

Alignment: CN

Weapon: Scimitar

Staehr, aka Silvermoon, aka High One

Goddess of the arcane, magic, knowledge

Domains: Arcane, Fire, Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Void

Alignment: LN

Weapon: Staff

Thane, aka Thane the Merciful, Thane the Golden, the Healer

God of healers, peacemakers and helpful souls

Domains: Good, Healing, Protection, Repose, Rune, Wards

Alignment: NG

Weapon: Mace

Narl, aka Stormcrow, the Marshall, Narl the Merciless

God of warriors, bounty hunters, mercenaries and executioners. The God of War.

Domains:  Blood, Glory, Leadership, Strength, Tactics, War

Alignment: LN

Weapon: Greatsword

You will also know that Ben’Tinnor is Ember’s equivalent of the Devil. He is one of the old Gods, like those above, but his ways are rejected by the others, and by all good people.


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