Of Omens and Harbingers

It is 18 Narlos, toward the latter part of Spring after your seventh winter in Dunmar. Several of you are out in the yard enjoying the cool air of a mountain spring evening. The smell of things growing and the merry chirping of the insects is never quite so clean and clear as it is at this time of year. You have learned all of your lessons and you’re ready to strike out into the world and leave your mark, but not just yet. The first crop is in, and you feel like this short respite is well-deserved.

The night is open, with the moon large and bright and no clouds. You notice, far to the southwest, an ominous and dark mass of clouds roiling and churning. They are tall, these clouds and distant, and they look like nothing you’ve seen. Flickers of lightning flash out almost continuously from this cloud. What really strikes you as odd, however, is that the lightning is at once darkest black, yet clearly visible in the night, and you sense some enormous energy emitting from the clouds. You are immediately reminded of the terrible nightmare that you shared the night of the Choosing. Your heart fills with dread. You look around and you understand that many see what you are seeing.

The phenomenon lasts for several hours before it abruptly terminates. Within minutes, the mass of black clouds dissipates as if it never existed. You don’t know what this means… nobody does. But you’re sure that it means something, and that whatever it is, it’s important. You go back to your bunk and start gathering your gear.


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