Gods of Ember

Over two thousand years the Old Gods have slumbered, as the Foundation Stone became the center of civilized life and religion gradually became a quaint tradition, and then an expression of primitive times.

In the first year of the Tallian Calendar, the nations of Ember came together under the Council of Nine, a secular government composed of the Magistrates of the nine great cities. The council created a great document called “The Enumerated Laws of Foundation” , which became the cornerstone of what is now an enormous and entrenched bureaucracy. The first Article of the Laws of Foundation mandated that any person standing for elected office must first take the Oath of Fidelity, in which the individual pledged to place the laws of man above the edicts of any God.

Within the span of a few centuries, religion became so unpopular, that those who still practiced the worship of any God were ridiculed as throwbacks and anachronists.  In Tal. 423, the Separation Act forced all believers into exile in reservations where the power of the Luthien stone was barely felt.

The Gods held great hope for the Foundation, but were saddened by the people’s rejection of divine guidance and weakened by the depletion of worshipers. When faith in the divine became a de facto crime resulting in banishment, they empowered their various agents to carry on what little work could be done, and then lay down to their great sleep.

The Gods of Light dreamed, and in their dreams they were aware of the fortunes of men. They sensed the coming of the darkness, and though they longed to awaken and aid their creations in the impending struggle, they lacked the necessary energy to journey back into the waking world.


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