Ben’tinnor, aka the Deceiver, Eater of the Dead, Dark Ben, Old Scratch

God of death, thieves, rogues, bandits and charlatans.

Ben’tinnor is one of the old Gods, though he doesn’t really fit in with the “Gods of Light” descriptor.  He is, however, the son of Asher and Ainna, who are brother and sister. It was long believed that, if two close relatives wed, their offspring would bear “the curse of Dark Ben”.

Ben’tinnor is the only old God that did not succumb to sleep, as those who paid him homage were the least likely to relent in their beliefs and most likely to keep it quiet. Needless to say, Ben’tinnor enjoyed the freedom of his elder’s sleep, and collected a long list of corrupt politicians and other shady types that do his bidding. He was been careful to keep his machinations subtle, however, as he feared the retribution of the others and did not want to wake them.

Ben’tinnor is the only old God without Angels. Guydan cursed him to work alone or through mortals as punishment for his many misdeeds. That doesn’t prevent him from enlisting the aid of other supernatural beings, which he does frequently, but they are not bound to him and are free to betray him as they will.

Domains: Darkness, Death, Evil, Slavery, Thievery, Trickery

Alignment: LE

Weapon: Dagger


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