Week Eleven – The Demon Axaxal

43 Narlos may not ever become a holiday, but it will be remembered among the Dwarves as the day that the mines were wrested from the hands of an ancient evil and returned to their possession. It is the day that their history was restored to them, and the day that the Mahnshadden’s Relics were restored to the hands of men. Altogether a very good day.

The heroes return to the palace entryway, the Elf restored to fine health and everyone having finished their reading, and now sporting silken headbands.

As usual, the mess of a hard day’s fighting has been cleared away. The Dwarves know better than to take a step beyond where the heroes tread each day, but they do go that far and then toil to remove the stain of evil from the place.

Domi swings wide the gates of the palace and you enter in. This magnificent hall is lit from the ceiling, with dozens of grand chandeliers reflecting the light until they sparkle. The walls are lined with rich tapestries and the floors covered with tables, sofas, chairs and other furniture, each looking as if it were made yesterday. Breaking the spell of beauty is the foul stench of a decay that reeks from the left, and the litter of bones and chunks of moldering flesh that stain the thick carpets. More


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